๐Ÿ’Ž CHEST ROOM & THEMES (New update)

Get ready for an exciting gameplay experience with our latest update! We've added two fantastic engagement features that will take your games to the next level. Plus, we've taken care of those pesky bugs that have been hindering your progress.

Here is a complete list of changes:

✅ Chest Room

  1. During completing levels, players will collect keys.
  2. Once players have collected 3 keys, the chest room will open.
  3. Players can choose to open 3 chests to reveal a super prize, which could be a large number of coins or a unique background theme.
  4. If players use up all of their keys, they can watch a rewarded video ad to get additional keys.

This feature will generate more revenue!

✅ Themes

This is a new way how players can spend their coins. There are more than 18 beautiful themes that can make a game more personal for the player. Some players can set a goal to open all themes & this will give you more ad impressions and money!

✅ New Missions

Added two new types of missions: "Complete any event" & "Complete level in any event"

✅ Push notifications redesigned

Now before a player sees a request to enable push notifications, the player will see an additional popup explaining why he needs to allow push notifications. This will force players to enable it & pushes will increase retention of your game!

✅ New permanent event!

Now each game will have an additional permanent event with the content of your game. So finally, players will choose from 4 events to play at the same time! 

Moreover, we fixed the bug when different events with the same content appeared at the same time. 

✅ Rate us redesigned

Now Google Play's game review process completing right into the game via native Google tools. 

✅ More bugs are fixed, and small improvements are done!

  • Banner placement all time is fixed. No more misclicks.
  • No more banners on the Coins Multiplicator screen.
  • Congratulation popup after rewarding video watch for coins.
  • The Hebrew version translation fixed
  • Galaxy S20 FE background blinking fixed
  • Popup with instructions when first-time events section is visited

To make these updates available, please generate a new version of your games and upload it to Google Play!