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๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’ฅ BIG UPDATE ALERT: Amazon AppStore, No-ads, Leaderboards, Crosswords ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿš€

Hey QuickAppNinja Users! We've been working behind the scenes to roll out an exciting update that will take your Android game-building experience to an astronomical new level! 🌟🎮

LEADERBOARDS 🥇🏆 - Every player is automatically enrolled in a thrilling weekly tournament! Climb the ranks, compete with 19 other players in the group, and stand a chance to pocket a whopping 1000 coins 💰. The best part? Player could be away for a few days and still have a shot at victory. Our synthetic leaderboards are designed to keep players engaged, no matter what! 🚀🎖

CROSSWORDS 🧩📝 - We're mixing things up with a brand-new type of event. Alongside our classic TicTacToe, we're introducing original crosswords to pique the interest of a wider audience. Plus, adding 'crosswords' to your market description could help boost player discovery via ASO! 📈🎯

AD REMOVAL 🚫🔇 - Your players have spoken, and we've listened! Our latest feature allows players to remove ads from your games through a simple in-app purchase. Enhance their gaming experience with an ad-free environment! 🎉🎊

🚀💥  AMAZON APPSTORE SUPPORT 🌐📲 - Last but not least, for those of you seeking a free-to-use alternative app store, we're delighted to announce support for Amazon AppStore! It's simpler and more user-friendly than Google Play. You can keep using AdMob & In-App Purchase monetization. Plus, Amazon AppStore has a strong track record with in-app purchases, and they don't ban accounts or games - a fantastic opportunity for you to expand your reach! 💹🏦

Upgrade your game-making adventure with QuickAppNinja's latest features. We can't wait to see the incredible games you'll create! 🚀🎮🏆

Happy gaming! 🕹️🎉🌟

Elevate Your App's Success: Harness the Power of Quality Graphics by Darwin Rivera

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of quality graphics in app store optimization (ASO) with this comprehensive guide, masterfully crafted by Darwin Rivera. 

Learn how visually compelling designs can captivate users, convey key information swiftly, and set your app apart in the crowded marketplace. 

Darwin's insights also reveal how quality graphics can boost conversion rates, garner positive reviews, and ultimately, elevate your app's visibility and downloads in the Play Store. 

With tools - Icon Slayer, Textstudio, and AppMockUp - you can unlock the potential of quality graphics and propel your app to new heights of success. 

A big salute to Darwin Rivera for his invaluable contribution! For more insights, check out his YouTube channel.

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We have some amazing news for you! If you're passionate about creating mobile games with QuickAppNinja, you'll definitely want to join our awesome private group on Telegram. 😎

Introducing our talented squad of game creators, we've formed an exclusive Telegram group specifically for fellow game developers like YOU. The purpose of this group is to provide you with all the support you need to launch your games, attract more players, and earn revenue from in-game ads. 💸

In this private group, you'll enjoy:

🌟 A supportive community of like-minded game creators
🛠️ Valuable tips and tricks to enhance your game development skills
📈 Marketing strategies to get your game noticed
💰 Advice on maximizing ad revenue from your games
🔧 Troubleshooting assistance from experienced game developers
🗣️ And so much more!

By joining our secret club, you'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help propel your mobile game creation journey to new heights. 🚀

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To join, simply click on the link below, and get ready to take your game development to the next level:


We can't wait to welcome you into our close-knit circle of game creators and see the amazing games you'll develop with the help of our community. See you on the inside! 🎉

Create a masterpiece icon now!

One of our game devs published the game to Google Play, but IMHO his icon is sucking (sorry, man .. I know, you are rocking anyway!!!) ... Take a look, at how easily you can modify the icon and create a masterpiece!

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🎮⚡ Discover the revolutionary way to build games in just 60 seconds with QuickAppNinja's FREE AI-powered game tools! 🚀🌟

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own game but didn't know where to start? With QuickAppNinja's groundbreaking AI integration, you can now bring your game ideas to life in a snap! 💡🎨

Imagine creating a fun and engaging game about "New York History" – all it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Press "Create New Game"
  2. Type in your desired topic.
  3. Watch in amazement as ChatGPT generates questions and answers for your game ✨

Want to level up your game even further?

Add image-type questions featuring iconic New York celebrities, and let MidJorney AI draw them just the way you want! 🗽📸

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Dreaming about organic installs from Google Play? Discover the power of "RankPilot ASO" technology by QuickAppNinja! Our AI-driven solution optimizes your game's ASO & bringing in more organic installs for FREE 🤑

🎯 Experience the "RankPilot ASO" Technology:

✅ Identifies high-potential keywords for your games
✅ Generates ASO-optimized, multilingual game descriptions, names & tags
✅ Automatically updates ASO-optimised texts in Google Play

"RankPilot ASO" continuously improves your game's rankings, so you can focus on game content while AI technology handles the rest.

Press here to activate "RankPilot ASO"!


This update is totally focused on players' experience within quiz templates. We added new game modules and a redesigned interface with the primary goal - make longer game sessions & increase player retention.

Here is a complete list of changes:

✅ Online Duels - It is a simulation of online multiplayer mode where players compete against each other in real time. 

The game matches two players “online” and the player who answers 10 questions faster - gets rewarded with coins. 

Duels example =>

✅ TikToe style games (aka Events) - In this module, player see simultaneously 3 different events (with different game content). Each event is time limited and consist of 3 big levels. On each level player see TikTok style matrix with questions. The goal is to collect certain amount of points on each level to move forward. 

Events example =>

✅ Missions - the module with list of goals that each player need to achieve for big reward. For example: “Complete 10 levels”, “Win 3 duels”, “Complete Daily quiz” 

Missions example =>

✅ Coin multiplicator - after completing 3/4 levels in classic game mode, players can dynamically increase collected coins (after rewarded video ad view). 

X2-X5 example =>

✅ Game UI redesign - now all buttons are more rounded with 3D effect and main game modes grouped in one space. 

Game modes in one place =>
Rounded gameplay =>

✅ Native Ads by Admob. This type of ads is available in Mission module. It is additional stream of your revenue! 

Native ads in Missions =>

What do you need to do now?
👉 Generate a new version of all your quiz games & upload it to Google Play!

"Daily Quiz" & "Level Packs" - HOT UPDATE

Proudly to announce 2 new features for your quiz games! These features will entertain your players and bring even better retention and engagement.

Daily Quiz: players will launch the game every day to play special levels to get high rewards. 

Level packs: reward players with different niches (level packs).

These features are designed to use the QuickAppNinja network effect! For "daily quiz" & "level packs" you can use ANY GAME created in QuickAppNinja.

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