Review from Mikhail Popovichenko

23 Nov
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Mikhail (Facebook profile)
Moscow, Russia (🗺 map view)
29 years old

Mikhail Popovichenko Review QuickAppNinja

Share your earnings with QuickAppNinja:

How much money have you made so far with QuickAppNinja?
1208 USD

How much are you making monthly at the moment?
October 307$, November approximately 1000$.

How many games – and what type of games – have you created so far?
30 more, guess the pictures\tiles

How much time on average did you spend creating each game?
1 day for 175-unique-level game

How long have you been with QuickAppNinja?
Almost 6 months

What you plan to do with your money? How you plan to spend it?
Buy presents for friends

Please tell us about yourself:

What is your background?
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, economics, KVN

What type of work do you do?

What are your hobbies, interests and passions?
Football, movies, humor, quests, business education

Mikhail Popovichenko Review QuickAppNinja
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Your experience with the QuickAppNinja service:

How did you get into the Android game app business?
Thanks to QAN

How did you discover QuickAppNinja?
Saw logo in another app

Did you have any concerns?
Yes, about google privacy policy – don’t understand it clearly; about demand on my apps – don’t understand the triggers, why some apps become popular, others are dead;

How did you come up with your game ideas on QuickAppNinja? Where do you get your game ideas from?
Trying to guess the most popular key-words in Google Play

Do you make any app store optimization (ASO) on Google Play?

How do you promote your games? Have you spent any money on marketing?

In your opinion, what is the reason for your success through using QuickAppNinja?
Luck 🙂

What are your future plans with QuickAppNinja?
Will create some new games when have time.

Advice to readers:

Try to guess most popular key-words in Google Play for the name of your App.


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