A Student Makes $450 Monthly with Just 1 Game!

10 Jul
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from Italy
19 years old

Share your earnings:

How much money have you made so far with QuickAppNinja? How much are you making monthly at the moment?
I made around $5,000 since February 2015 and now I make around $450 monthly.

How many games – and what type of games – have you created so far? How much time on average did you spend creating each game?
I made 2-3 games but my earnings all come from one app. I spent most of the time creating the content rather than actually inserting it into the app builder.

How long you have you been with QuickAppNinja?
Since February 2015

Please tell us about yourself:

What is your background? What type of work do you do?
I’m an Italian student, currently attending a 2-year course to become a mobile app developer.

What are your hobbies, interests and passions?
My main hobbies are music, video games and programming.

Your experience with the QuickAppNinja service:

How did you get into the Android game-making business? How did you discover QuickAppNinja?
I was looking on the Internet to find how much money people earn with mobile apps and found out about QuickAppNinja on a forum.

Did you have any concerns about using our service? Were any of those concerns justified?
I decided to give QuickAppNinja a try; after 1 month I started earning more than $100, that increased to $200 and now it is $450 MONTHLY.

How did you come up with your game ideas on QuickAppNinja? Where do you get your game ideas from?
I thought about one of my favourite games and looked on the Play Store to see if there was a similar app, and there wasn’t; so I decided to create it with QuickAppNinja.

Do you use any app store optimisation (e.g. make your app more visible to users) on Google Play?
Yes, I named the app with very specific and sought-for words.

How do you promote your games? Did you spend any money on marketing?
I never promoted my game because I lacked the money to do it. Now it’s very popular and I think it doesn’t need any promoting.

In your opinion, what is the reason for your success through using QuickAppNinja?
The popular topic of my app.

What are your future plans with QuickAppNinja?
I will stay with QuickAppNinja as long as I can so I can pay for my studies and save money for the future.

Advice to readers:

Please share some advice to all newbies who just plan to work with QuickAppNinja.
If you created your first Android game with QuickAppNinja, what was your process or strategy at the beginning?

The easiest way to make your app popular is to have a nice-looking icon, a popular name and a trending topic. My graphical skills are bad but I managed to make a decent icon, a good name with a popular topic and after some months my app became very popular without any marketing.


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