$600 Dollars Monthly with 30 Quizzes

10 Jul
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Stephen D'Souza PhotoStephen D’Souza, from the UK
Airport Security & YouTube
40 years old

How much money have you made so far with QuickAppNinja? How much are you making monthly at the moment?
In total I have made $1380 Dollars; last month I made $600 Dollars.

How many games – and what type of games – have you created so far? How much time on average did you spend creating each game?
I have currently got 30 Apps in the Google Play Store and Amazon Store. When I first started, the apps I created only contained 60 levels; but now I’ve seen the full potential of the money that can be made, I have now got apps with 300-1000 Levels. It’s true you can create an app in no time at all and you can just keep adding levels as you go on.

How long you have you been with QuickAppNinja?
I have been a member with QuickAppNinja since Febuary 2015.

Please tell us about yourself:

I have got a YouTube channel, Apps Walkthrough Guides: www.youtube.com/rewind1uk
I have over 32 million views and over 28,000 subscribers. I create walkthrough guides for Word, Quiz, Trivia, Puzzle & Escape games.

Your experience with the QuickAppNinja service:

How did you get into the Android game-making business?
I had been thinking of developing apps for a long time, but I had no knowledge or experience; then I found QuickAppNinja.

Did you have any concerns? Were any of those concerns justified?
The only things I was worried about QuickAppNinja is that it seemed too good to be true. But to be honest it’s the best thing I have done. They are always on hand to help and have made a lot of improvements. I can only see them getting better and better.

How do you promote your games? Did you spend any money on marketing?
I think it’s important to create a good logo and have nice screenshots for your page, and also have a good description.
I have not spent any money on promotion and it’s worked well for me. I just use Facebook and twitter to promote my apps.

In your opinion, what is the reason for your success through using QuickAppNinja?
I think the reason for my success is I enjoy playing Word Quiz Trivia apps, so when I had the chance to make my own apps I just tried to make my apps as addictive as possible.

What are your future plans with QuickAppNinja?
My future plans are to create more apps using QuickAppNinja and also create more levels for my current apps.

Advice to readers:

Please share some advice to all newbies who just plan to work with QuickAppNinja.

Take your time think of what apps you would like to create. Look what other people are doing and see what is working.

Create an eye-catching logo and put your best 3 levels first – this will help increase downloads.
Not every app you create will be successful but you will make one app that will get you loads of downloads / revenue.

You don’t need to spend any money to promote your apps; all you need is Facebook and Twitter or any other Social Media. This is what makes QuickAppNinja so good – you can make professional apps. I have recommended QuickAppNinja to my family & friends.



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It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on VK

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