$2000 / monthly – QuickAppNinja testimonial from Sri Lanka

21 Nov
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Charaka Karawita QuickAppNinja TestimonialCharaka Karawita
19 years old
Sri Lanka (🗺 map view)
College student

Share your earnings with QuickAppNinja:

How much money have you made so far with QuickAppNinja?
Currently, I have made over $4000.

How much are you making monthly at the moment?
I made around $2000 last month.

How many games – and what type of games – have you created so far?
I have created few games, but 99% of the earnings come from one guessing game I created.

How much time on average did you spend creating each game?
It takes me few hours to create a quality game.

How long have you been with QuickAppNinja?
I have been a member of QuickAppNinja since August 2016.

What you plan to do with your money? How you plan to spend it?
I will be investing the money for further education in app development.

Charaka Karawita with money


Please tell us about yourself:

I am a college student majoring in software engineering. I spend my time watching YouTube, playing games and developing apps. I am very passionate about developing apps.

Your experience with the QuickAppNinja service:

How did you get into the Android game app business?
I liked playing android games like “guess the brand”, one day I thought about developing my own guessing games for android.

How did you discover QuickAppNinja?
I developed a guessing game, but it didn’t work as I expected with many bugs and other issues. I was lacking in experience in developing android games, and then I came across a game that was build using QuickAppNinja. I searched “QuickAppNinja” and found this website.

Did you have any concerns? Were any of those concerns justified?
At first I wasn’t sure if I would receive the money, until I got my first payment to my bank account. I got the money as promised and I was very happy with the service.

How did you come up with your game ideas on QuickAppNinja? Where do you get your game ideas from?
I look for most popular guessing games that have been created, and then I try to develop same type of games with higher quality using QuickAppNinja.

Do you make any app store optimization (ASO) on Google Play?
Yes, I applied some ASO tips I have learned from reading about ASO.

How do you promote your games? Have you spent any money on marketing?
I didn’t promote any of my games. My game was downloaded by people searching for my type of game on Google Play.

In your opinion, what is the reason for your success through using QuickAppNinja?
Having targeted my games for specific group of people helped my game become popular. I am also passionate about what I create and understand what the players would like in the game.

What are your future plans with QuickAppNinja?
I plan to stick with QuickAppNinja and create more awesome games.

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Advice to readers:

Most important thing is you have to create a quality game using high quality pictures; it should be something that you would enjoy playing as well.

Having a good title, icons and a description is a must.

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