How to publish your first app to Google Store?

16 Dec
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The purpose of this article is to educate those who want to release their first Android app on Google Play Store. QuickAppNjinja is the only game app maker that will save your time, energy, money and most importantly – you will be able to earn your first dollar very soon!

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After spending hours and hours on creating a perfect application, now you want to find out how to publish the Android app in Google Play store. As a leading app store with over 1 billion active Android users from all over the world, it’s no wonder that you want your app to be published there. To make the process of publishing as easy as possible, we suggest some simple steps for you to follow, in order to be a true success on Google Play store!

google play store

 You must create a Google account in order to publish. You supposedly have a personal email, but it’s better to open a different Google Play developer account. After paying a $25  Google Play registration fee, you can approach your Google Play Developer console.

Google Play Developer console


Before publishing, go through the list of developer and merchant countries. Learn about the locations where distribution to Google Play users is supported.  Also, go through a list of merchant countries if you decide to sell your apps or have subscriptions.

Read carefully the Developer Distribution Agreement in order to make sure not to violate their agreement policy, ’cause penalties can be severe!1

  1. Choose the adequate Developer name that will represent you on Google store, and fill in the basic account details, and then you should wait approximately two days to be registered.
  2. If you want to charge your apps and subscriptions you have to link your merchant account to your developer profile.


3 .Upload your app doing the following:

  • Go to ’All applications’/ select ’Add new application’;
  • Select ’Default language’ and type the ’Title’ of the app (the way you wish it to appear on the store);
  • Click ’Upload APK’ and go to your app’s homepage;
  • Upload ’.apk’ file of your app.

4  .Before publishing your app, it’s important to do ’Beta’ or ’Alpha testing’ to get the feedback of end users. Their reaction will help you optimize your app and make changes if necessary.5

5.Go to ’Store listing’ which is most important part of uploading the app. Here you can add a short/full description of the app, screenshots, videos, category, ranking, contact details etc. This list can be easily updated, so don’t worry if you forgot something, or made some mistake.

6.When it comes to ’Pricing and Distribution’, you should decide whether your app is ’free’ or ’paid’, select the distribution countries and adequate category.

7.Publish your app and wait for it to appear on Google store. Even when it’s published, you can still make changes related to pricing, configuration, distribution whenever you want.

Make the most of the options and devices in the Play Store that are compatible with your app. By doing that you can eliminate the negative feedback, control the distribution or filter out everything that may jeopardize your staying on top.  

As you can see, publishing an app on Google Play is easy as pie, just make sure you have an impressive and unique app that will stand out from thousands of apps published every day.

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