Types of Android Games You Can Create with QuickAppNinja for Free

28 Jan
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The global use of gadgets powered by Android OS has risen exponentially over the last few years. Both users and app creators have embraced Android as the most practical platform for tablets and smartphones. What’s more, the Google Play market pursues a liberal policy towards publishing and sharing app. If you manage to create an enticing and entertaining app that gains popularity, you’ll can some money and become a distinguished app developer. Since many mobile users have no coding knowledge, but they want to try making apps, they can turn to the QuickAppNinja app builder.

Here are some great examples of simple but amusing Android games made with this tool.

4 Pics 1 Word App

4 pics one wordIf you’re into linguistics or word games in general, 4 Pics 1 Word will give you a lot of fun. The main objective of every level is to guess the secret word from four different pictures. You should be able to draw your conclusion from the meaning of the pictures. The game offers more than 300 levels. It’s completely free and suitable for people of all generations. That way, you can play it with your children, to activate their love towards languages. On the other hand, elderly people can benefit from this game, as well, since it will help them stay in good mental shape.

Also, you could take the plunge and use this app to create your own games or educational quizzes. For instance, you could make users guess different animals, events, towns and many other things.

Vocabrain App

One of the greatest benefits of apps created with the QuickAppNinja app-builder is that most of them can have a strong educational drive. Vocabrain is such an app. It’s is based on descriptions, definitions and explanations of different terms. Users need to guess those words. Many categories are included in this game. That way, you can find out more about nature, different everyday activities, the human body, education and other fields of human interest.

This is basically a vocabulary-expanding game, which can be of great use for language teachers. So, if you’re an English teacher, make your own version of this game. You can adapt it to your specific purposes – e.g. to teach your students a certain group of words.

Blockbuster Movie Quiz App

blockbuster movie appMost of the quizzes broadcast on TV today lack some challenging questions about movies. Therefore, if you know who got an Oscar as Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 1975, the Blockbuster Movie Quiz app is a perfect game for you. The app contains several hundred movies and it’s regularly updated. Its creators apply a user-friendly approach, so you don’t have to update the app. New questions about movies are added automatically. Covering a span of many decades, this app is a real treat for every movie geek.

As for the question from the beginning of this paragraph – the answer is Robert De Niro. You got it right? Get the app and let the movie games begin.


Football Logo Quiz App

Important note: American users should know that the logos in this app refer to soccer Football Logo Quiz QuickApp Ninjaclubs.

It’s not a rare case that people who watch or play football have broad knowledge of trivia related to this sport. What’s more, they enjoy competing with their friends when it comes to logos and emblems of clubs and leagues worldwide. Those who recognize themselves in this description should download the Football Logo Quiz app. The database of this game is richly populated with hundreds of different clubs. From English Premier League and Italian Serie A to more exotic leagues, such as Japanese  League and Brazlian Serie A, football fans from the whole world can test their knowledge here.

Moreover, you can try to make your own football quiz with this app. Since football is worshipped across the globe, you might get a large number of downloads, resulting in a fair income.

Car Logos App

Do you know what emblem decorates the hood of Lotus or Dodge cars? How many fingers are there on the emblem of Škoda? You can find such questions in the Car Logos app. Every manufacturer’s logo and car emblem are adapted to this game. For instance, when you get the Ford logo, it comes without the brand name in it.

As your results get better and you win more points, you get questions with less popular logos. Such distribution of questions makes this app both addictive and extremely entertaining.


Guess the Airlines App

World travelers usually have some precious experience that should be shared with other people. The Guess the Airlines app can help knowledgeable globetrotters test their proficiency in recognizing a wide range of airlines. The gameplay is simple in this app. You have an image of a plane from an airline company. The image is covered with tiles. For every correct letter contained in the name of the company, a tile is removed. The sooner you solve the puzzle, the better. Moreover, other variations are present in the game, such as countries where airlines originate from or airlines owners.

Apart from playing this app, you can also make your own version of this app, with your own choice of airlines.

Guess Youtuber

Another one from the group of those “guess” apps, the Guess Youtuber app is a great option for younger users. In this game, your task is to guess different YouTube stars. You can get celebrities from different areas of show business, such as singers, comedians, actors or YouTube influencers. The latter are extremely interesting, since millions of teenagers and young millennials follow them.

Also, the users of this app can make their own selection of famous people. Due to the global audience interested in this kind of content, there’s a wide audience of potential users that you can reach with this game.

Since QuickAppNinja has simplified the process of app creation, everybody can make a simple yet fun game with this building tool. What you need is fair knowledge of one or more areas and some time to create your very own game. As you keep coming up with new apps, you’ll need less time, which will help you work on details and improve your app-building skills.

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