What Android Programming Language Should I Learn?

12 Mar
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According to the Ericsson’s report from 2015, available on the PC Mag website, about 70% of the global population will have a smartphone by 2020. Due to its open-source nature, Android will take the largest part of the global smartphone market. So, this is the right time to start creating Android apps.

On the one hand, there are some ready-made tools, such as QuickAppNinja, which enable you to make apps in pre-set templates. On the other, you can immerse yourself in coding and real programming. If you belong to this group of tech enthusiasts, take some time to study the most important languages for Android programming.



Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages. At its beginnings, in theRuby 1990s, it was mostly used as a platform for websites. Nowadays, Ruby is used as the coding language for some renowned websites, like Groupon, Bloomberg, Airbnb and Fiverr.

Apart from that, this language is becoming increasingly popular with app developers, as well. In addition to the general knowledge of this program, you also need some extra frameworks to make an Android app using Ruby. For starters, learn more about Rhodes and RubyMotion. Also, these frameworks allow you to build apps for other operating systems, as well.

When it comes to its most important features, you can use Ruby’s ready-made codes. Moreover, it’s an object-oriented language. Finally, this language isn’t as complex as some other languages, which makes it a suitable coding language for apps


PHP, also known as Hypertext Preprocessor, is one of the most widespread open-source programming languages. Although is mostly used for server-side scripting – running scripts on the web server, rather than on the user’s computer – PHP can be used for programming Android apps, as well as many other applications.

If you learn PHP, you can become an all-round developer. Just for the record, you should know that Tumblr, Facebook and Wikipedia are based on the PHP code. Therefore, enthusiastic developers who learn PHP can work in various environments, from websites to mobile apps. For instance, you can also use PHP to make special apps within larger systems, such as eBuddy or Family Tree, which are Facebook apps.

Finally, this programming language can also be used to write scripts for project management tools, make GUIs, or develop WordPress plugins.


Even if you’re a total programming beginner, you must’ve heard of Python. For starters, you can use it to build web apps. Apart from that, Python is a perfect program for analyzing and organizing different data. Of course, it’s also a great language for creating Android apps, too. Many well-known online platforms are based on Python – YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox, Reddit, and Quora, to name a few.

Since this is one of the simplest languages to learn, it won’t be a problem to master its basics. Due to its easy readability and simplicity, it’s also a great choice for apps programming.

When it comes to its most practical features, you should know that it’s also an object-oriented language. Furthermore, it’s an interactive language that supports various GUI apps. Finally, it can be run on different operating systems, as well.


A versatile and omnipresent programming language, C# can be used to create various c plus plusweb services, mobile apps, gaming apps, and server applications. Due to its widespread use, there’s a growing potential for C# in the years to come. A rookie developer should know that this language is used for Office 365, AutoCAD and SharePoint. So, the main advantage of learning C# is the fact that you can use it to develop a vast array of solutions for different services.

As for its Android potential, you’ll need to master the Xanarin platform if you want to apply your C# knowledge in the app-developing context. Moreover, C# will also be a great ally in creating game apps, since this programming language is compatible with the Unity3D game engine.

In a nutshell, it’s a simple, type-safe language that can be applied in a vast array of programming environments. Finally, it ensures access to .NET framework.



If you’ve ever had any experience with HTML, the most logical thing to do is to start using HTML 5 to make apps. On the other hand, absolute beginners will also find this programming language easy to learn. The greatest benefit from using HTML 5 for making Android apps is its compatibility with different additional elements. Also, you can easily insert new data into an existing software solution.

On the negative side, HTML 5 is still not fully standardized in all browsers. As a result, there might be some inconveniences in some browsers when a user opens web apps written in HTML 5 on their mobile device.

Nevertheless, this language is a great base for future work and a smooth entrance to more complex programs. For all these reasons, give a chance to HTML 5.


A native Android language, in which its operating system is written in, Java will enable future app developers to create a wide scope of Android apps for different purposes. If you’re not sure what to learn about programming, starting with Java is the safest road to success. Apart from the Android OS and a plethora of apps, this programming language will give you a chance to work in other fields of programming. That way, learning Java will provide you with the knowledge necessary to create and adapt server and web apps. What’s more, Java is used in a number of scientific apps, as well as websites and games. Also, it’s important to stress out that Java is important for big data storage.

Moreover, Java is an object-oriented language that can be used on a diversity of platforms. Since there are millions of Java developers on the Web, future developers can rely on support from a large community. Finally, if you learn coding in Java, it will be easier to master other programming languages. In return, your app-developing skills will be improved in a gradual and natural way.


The future potential and the predicted growth of the Android market opens numerable opportunities for new app developers. On the one hand, it’s a great chance for a career shift for experienced workers from other fields. On the other, young people can start out as app developers and pursue top-notch careers. Therefore, we hope this overview of the most important programming languages will help you get the gist of the modern Android world and launch your career in this niche

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