How to Promote an Android App for Free

21 Feb
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There are about 3.2 billion of Internet users for the time being. Some of them are just mere consumers of Web-provided services, while some others are trying to pursue an online career. Since billions of people use the Internet, it has an enormous potential for a variety of businesses.

The good news is that anybody who has a computer and Internet access can qualify for the online business race. The bad news is that running an online business if any kind is no bed of roses. On the contrary, you’re just one of millions who are doing their best to make a living on the Web. Because of that, online businesspeople should start looking for some alternative solutions for business success in the virtual environment. Just like in any other business feature, the key prerequisite for success is to come up with an original idea that will keep bringing money in the long term.

If you’re a creative person with a knack for making amusing things, you should try your luck in the app market. The prediction that the number of smartphones used worldwide will surpass 6 billion by 2020 opens a vast array of possibilities when it comes to creating your own apps. What’s more, thanks to cutting-edge app builders, such as QuickAppNinja, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge to create an app. Everybody can learn how to use this customer-friendly tool in no time and make their own app. However, when the app is done, you have to properly promote it and let people know about it. It will only take you to read this article and do some practical work to promote that app appropriately.

How to prepare for Google Play

Let’s assume you’ve already mastered the basics of QuickAppNinja and it’s time for promotion. At this point you should learn more about app store optimization (APO). You know how website owners need to optimize their content, so as to make it easily recognizable for Google searches? Well, you should do the same thing for your Android app, as well. In order to make your app easily found on Google Play, follow the next few suggestions:

  • Name the app first – Think about the app name in advance. Instead of racking your brains with keywords, apply a reverse tactic. Namely, first set the ultimate keyword of your QuickAppNinja app. After that, give your app a name that will contain that ultimate keyword, as well.
  • Publish an exceptional description – Brevity raises interest and grasps attention, which is why you should describe your app in several short, but informative sentences. For instance, if you create a football quiz app, mix CTA-verbs with other relevant terms, such as history, footballers, joy and knowledge, to draw attention to your app.
  • Post relevant thumbnails – Place original screenshots of your app in the description field. If chosen correctly, they’ll tell the potential users the story of your app, transforming them into buyers and loyal customers.
  • Video presentation – Make a tutorial related to the app. Narrate throughout the video to entice potential users into downloading your very own app.

Use YouTube omnipresence

The latest point from the first paragraph – the promotional video – can be used for various purposes. Apart from being added to your app description and the screenshots, you should launch and manage your own YouTube channel for the sake of app promotion. It should be named after the app, to improve its visibility and relevance. Before you set off on making your own video, check out how the Android community on YouTube places their video content. Just type “Android app tutorials” in the YT search field and watch the videos with the largest numbers of views. Try to scan the tricks of the trade and use them in your video.

What’s more, include the tags relevant for your app, as well as the keywords. Also, don’t neglect the importance of the app description. It should be an informative and interesting text that will present your app in the best light. Apart from that, add a special thumbnail for that YouTube video. A well-chosen thumbnail is as worth as a well-picked keyword, so take some time thinking about the most appropriate option for this purpose.

Finally, your app-presenting video should have an impactful title. Once again, the keyword from which everything originated should be included in this title, as well.

Promote your app on Facebook

Up to now, you’ve posted your app on Google Play, and optimized it for search on that market. Also, you’ve created a useful YouTube tutorial for people who want to download your app. Now is the time to launch a Facebook campaign. The key feature of this part of app promotion is not to be too aggressive, but gradually delve into Facebook promotion.

  • So, for starters, you should search Facebook for android apps. (or android gamers)
  • When you get the results, choose the Groups option in the upper right corner of the Facebook interface.
  • Next, go through these groups and spend some time analyzing their posts and discussions.
  • Also, take part in those discussions before you post anything related to your app. After some time (10 days, roughly), post a link to your app and ask the members of the group to give you feedback.
  • It’s imperative to take every review into consideration, so that you get a clear view of your app and its functionality.

android fb group

Instagram app innovations

While Facebook gives you more time to both think and react, Instagram provides and demands instant reactions. This is why it’s wise to first see what your Facebook audience thinks about your app before you test it on Instagram. The first thing you should do on this social network is search it with #games, #Android or #apps, so as to identify the most important influencers you need to promote your app. When you’ve chosen a few of them, invite them to try your app and recommend it to their audience.

The positive side of this approach is that influencers can generate several thousand potential users of your app on the spur of the moment. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll do it for free. Therefore, prepare some budget in advance and then start looking for the right influencer(s).

Nevertheless, perhaps a combination of QuickAppNinja and your creativity will bring about an appealing app that will convince influencers to publish your content because of its originality.

What’s more, you can also generate more followers and potential users of your app if you invest some time to boost your Instagram business profile. For instance, organizing contests could popularize your profile, as well as about your app. Therefore, take your time and study various benefits that Instagram can bring to amateur app makers.

What to look for on app forums

When you’re planning a strategy to promote your Android app, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of online forums. People who visit such communities are most often honest towards one another. There’s almost a certain code of conduct among those users. Because of that, you should make an effort to popularize your app in such surroundings, as well.

What you should do first is search Google for Android forums. In order to find the right ones for your needs, you should look for forums that contain the word “Android” in their URL. So, try something like “Android app inurl: forums”. By doing so, you’ll get all the websites that have the phrase “Android apps” in their URL.

android forum

Once you’ve found several relevant forums, avoid any hasty promotion. On the contrary, you should first become a registered member and participate in discussions like a neutral observer. It would be great if you could find forums where people post their own apps, to have them reviewed by other members. After you’ve become a well-known name on the forum, it’s time to present for your own app. Tell them that it’s your own work and ask them to be honest with their feedback. Also, invite them to download your app from your Google Play account.

The benefit of this sort of promotion will be multifold. First and foremost, you’ll get direct reviews from people similar to you – amateur Android enthusiasts who make apps as a hobby, but who are striving to launch a real career in this field.

Apart from that, even if you don’t get positive reviews, that feedback will stay limited to that very forum.

Finally, you’ll gain experience and learn more about the way other people think about creating apps. This insight in UX-requirements of ordinary app users will be invaluable for your future app-making efforts.

The contemporary Internet market is brimming with gadgets. Their functionality depends on apps and widgets. Software developers feel the pulse of the market, so they’re coming up with practical ready-made solutions as we speak. Therefore, if you want to make an Android app for your own joy, the only thing you need is a user-friendly app maker. That way, you can create a visually attractive and functional app in a matter of minutes. However, the promotional part is more complex. This is why we’ve compiled this guide for new app-creators. It should help you master the basics of app promotion in various online channels, so as to popularize your app and maybe even start a professional career in this niche.

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