Chupamobile vs. BuildBox vs. QuickAppNjinja – App Makers Review

18 Jan
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Mobile phones and tablets have overtaken the world of technology. Due to the rule of these gadgets, Internet users and Web developers are facing different innovations in the way they utilize the benefits of the Internet. The increased use of applications leads to a higher demand for those simple-to-use, yet complex to build software solutions. In order to simplify their production and market placement, programmers are working hard on creating user-friendly app makers. Those tools will enable everybody interested in app design to easily devise their own apps. Here you can read more about three such software tools and see their advantages and drawbacks.

The innovative simplicity of QuickAppNinja

If you don’t possess any coding knowledge, but you want to start making apps, the QuickAppNinja tool is a great option. What you need to do to start using it is just go to the QuickAppNinja website and sign up as a new user. Once you’ve finished the registration procedure, you can start using this app. The greatest value of this solution is its simplicity.

You can choose from a variety of ready-made templates for different apps. The majority of those patterns function like games or quizzes. For instance, you can make an app in which users need to match NBA teams with their emblems. When you’ve chosen a template, the next step is to set the colors for your app. The following step will include adding sounds, just like you choose SMS-alert sounds on your smartphone. Then you can start creating the content of the app – the essential step in making your QuickAppNinja app, which will create on your original ideas.

Finally, you’ll adjust the settings, name the app and launch it to one of the Android app markets. After that, just wait for downloads to start rolling in. The entire app-making process in QuickAppNinja is designed in the way that enables people to create an entertaining and educative app in as fast as 30 minutes.

Buildbox building blocks

Similar to QuickAppNinja, BuildBox is also a no-coding, drag-and-drop type of an app builder. When you register to the Buildbox website, you’ll first see a YouTube tutorial for new users. It will provide you with all the basic skills you need to master in order to become a Buildbox app creator. So, when you download and launch this software, you’ll be face to face with an interface called the Drag and Drop Wheel. This is where everything happens. For instance, if you need photos from your own computer for your new app, simply drag them to the wheel. You can choose from a variety of options and find the right roles and setting for every photo you add to the Wheel, i.e. your app.

Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of pre-set game templates and get the entire framework for your game with a click of a mouse. What’s more, if no existing template matches your ideas, you can write to the Buildbox team. If possible, they’ll help you put your specific ideas to practice.

Chupamobile for intermediate app makers

People who have some coding experience or just want to play with the underlying structure of app building can make great use of the Chupamobile service. While this app-developing venture also offers ready-made templates, their main activity is based on creating and selling codes for apps. Some of them are sold for as little as $50, but some codes cost a few hundred dollars. The choice of the app template will depend on the concept you have for your app. Also, Chupamobile offers templates for making chat apps, video apps, business tools, game apps and other features. Still, if none of the thousands of different templates meets your app requirements, you can count on customer support and direct help of Chupamobile project managers. However, the final price could be different from the initial one if you ask for too many special features.

. QuickAppNjinja Chupamobile BuildBox
Price Free 50$+ 99$ /month
Developer Skills No Yes Yes
Templates Free Paid Free
Drag and Drop Yes Yes Yes

How to choose your favorite?

Each of these three app-building tools has its own advantages. However, if you choose the one that can’t satisfy your demands, you will just torture yourself. Also, the wrong choice might push you away from this field of work.

Therefore, what you should first do is determine what you want to achieve. In line with that, if you’re a creative person, but you don’t have any coding experience, narrow down your choice to QuickAppNinja and Buildbox. Your turn at this junction will depend on the ideas you have for your app(s). For instance, if you want to make a stimulating and educative quiz in the shortest time possible, QuickAppNinja is a better solution. Apart from that, you can also count on a significant income from ads if your app gains popularity on the app market. Also, even if your first app or apps don’t bring any significant result, it’s simple to make new ones.

On the other hand, Buildbox is a better option for those who want to make their app look more like a 2D video game. Also, the creation process is longer here, so the factor of duration should also be taken into consideration.

Chupamobile, on the other hand, is a more serious toy, so it requires some basic knowledge of coding and previous app-making experience.

Everything might seem blurry and complicated when you have no experience. This is why it’s vital to take slow and easy steps when you’re learning the basics of app making. So, if you’re a novice in this field, collect as much information as possible before you set off for practical work. Watching online videos and tutorials, as well as reading pieces like this one will help you understand this niche. Therefore, the smartest thing you can do is start with QuickAppNinja. You will grasp the basics of app making and design on the spur of the moment. As your ambitions and skills develop, you can check out how Buildbox works. Finally, when you learn some ABCs of coding, you can try your luck with Chupamobile. That would be the most natural way to start your career as an app developer.

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