Best Android Developers tools for 2017 – QuickAppNjinja selection

13 Jan
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Experts predict that there will be about 6.1 billion smartphones in the world by 2020.Also, the Android OS already takes 80% of the global smartphone market. Therefore, it’s obvious that pursuing a career in this field of work is a smart move for every developer. And even if you’re not a professional Android developer, you can still make some money. Nowadays, there are numerous ready-made tools for creating and developing apps that don’t require thecomplex knowledge or coding. One of such user-friendly tools is the QuickAppNinja builder. When using this tool, ambitious amateur app creators will need some additional solutions. That way, they’ll avoid any copyright infringement and improve both thevisual and technical aspects of their work.

1.Prisma – where photography meets art

Many app developers often face copyright problems regarding visuals they use in their apps. Since the visual aspect of this work is extremely important, you can’t leave it out. The arrival of the Prisma app has brought such issues to an end. What you can to with this app is simply use a photo of a historical building or a celebrity you need for yourapp and adapt it to your needs. Prisma offers dozens of different filters in the style of famous artists, such as Toulouse Lautrec or Picasso, as well as many other option. You can easily edit, turn or crop your photos, so that they look like completely original works of photo art. If you’re still having second thoughts about this app, check out this gallery of Prisma-powered photos, brought by the Telegraph.

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2. Editor.Pho.To – imagery engineering

If Prisma is considered to be a prevailingly artistic app, then Editor.Pho.To is a perfect choice for the technical part of photo editing. When an app developer wants to adjust a photo they’ve taken or bought, they can simply upload it to this website and perform all the actions online. From cropping and resizing to color modifications, you will be able to apply various changes to your photos in the shortest time possible. What’s more, this tool offers a variety of frames and stickers, as well. They will add a special touch of uniqueness to your images. For instance, a photo can be enriched with Prisma filters and then imported to the Editor.Pho.To tool for detailed technical adaptation.

3. Adobe Color CC–original tonesfor app games

Using the QuickAppNinja to create a unique game will require special colors. Since most registered users of this app builder want to monetize theircreative work, they shouldn’t overlook the importance ofdesign. Here’s where the Adobe Color (or: can come in handy. When you take a photo of an object you’d like to use in your app, open that photo in Adobe Color. Now you can choose one of two possible paths. On the one hand, the program will recognize the colors of the given object, so you can use those exact colors. On the other, you can launch the color wheel option and edit the color palette of the photoas you like it. To top it all, Adobe Color shows the RGBS number and the HEX code, which makes it easier to forward your photos to other photo-editing programs.


4. App Annie – best market insider

The aforementioned figures that indicate the number of Android users worldwide show that competition on this market is extremely harsh. Because of that, every app developer should learn how to develop and apply some marketing strategies. It’s easier to plan your next move when you have an insight in the latest trends on the market. Apart from that, you should also possess that information during the app-making period. The App Annietool will provide you with all that data, as well as any other piece of information you wish to have.For instance, you can take a look atcharts showing the most popular apps in different regions, countries or continents. Similarly, this tool will analyze the most importantkeywords in frequently downloaded apps, so that app developers can improve their marketing campaigns and improve the sales of their apps.


5. ASOdesk – search query collector

aso desk toolWhen you’ve finished your app and you’re ready to offer it on the market, you stop being a developer and become a marketer. Again, even if you use tools such as QuickAppNinja to make witty gamesjust for fun,you can suddenly find yourself in the middle of a serious business match. If your app gains popularity on Google Play, you might get intrigued by its success. In that case, you’ll need a solution that will report you on the most common search queries on the mobile app market. The ASOdesk tool is the most practical option for that purpose. Among many useful functions this app offers is the feature that tracks and reports the most commonly used queries in a wide range of countries. Moreover, this tool collects mobile search queries to create semantic suggestions that will improve the visibility of your app on the market. Finally, you also receive regular reports on the downloadrankings of you app, as well as information about the positions of the apps made by your rivals.


6. Priori Data – keep an eye on competition

Just like its name says, the Priori Data app should be primarily used to collect data about your competitors. Although it might seem like a plot from Bond movies, modern business largely depends on intelligence (in every sense). Therefore, adding Prior Data to your app crew will strengthenyourdata forces. For instance, the greatest benefit this tool offers is formingspecial watchlists of the results your rivals achieve. What’s more, you can also follow and analyze their success daily.

As opposed to that, this app will provide you with vital data about your own app, as well. For example, you can get information about the number of downloads and the income generated that way. Another good news is that you can compare your results with up to three rival developers for free.


No matter if you consider making apps a hobby or a profession, either way you have to be equipped with proper tools. They will alleviate the entire process and most probably generate some additional inspiration. Fresh ideas and powerful tools are the core features that make a successful app developer. For all these reasons, make the tools presented here an inseparable part of your Android toolbox and use them to create outstanding apps.

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