Advantages of Android White Label App Builder Software

7 Feb
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white label mobile androidThe contemporary character of the online market opens numerous opportunities for various types of businesses. From international companies to individual freelancers, everybody can find their place under the Internet sun (or cloud). To make a general story more direct, we’d like to stress out one online phenomenon that has added more dynamics to an already vivid environment – the advent of the mobile market. There are already billions of smartphone users worldwide. Therefore,it’s clear that we’re only at the beginning of a mobile revolution.Since these devices require small software features called apps, we can expect unparalleled demand for app creators in years to come. The great news is that today you can make an app without any programming skills. So, heed its mobile majesty – the white label app builder.


App white label basics

A white label product is manufactured by one business entity but sold and marketed by another one. Such a collaboration ensures clear distribution of business tasks and responsibilities. That way, the producer can commit their time to making outstanding products. On the other hand, the seller deals only with the front-end marketing actions. It’s a common practice in economy and has been used for ages. What’s more, it’s utilized in a similar way in the IT-field. For instance, if you want to make an app, but you don’t know how to code, you need help. This is where QuickAppNinja can offer you a win-win deal. You, i.e. the app creator, tell them what you’d like to do and they offer you a few options. When you choose the solution that suits your needs, they will provide you with the necessary templates and developer support for your app. The greatest advantage of a white label agreement is that you can use and distribute that app under your own name. This is an extremely practical deal for individual app enthusiasts who want to try different ideas. On the one hand, they can fail and still have enough room for new attempts. On the other, if they succeed with their first apps, they can create an app brand name.


Benefits of app branding

Google Play and other popular app markets have a huge potential in terms of business future. Of course, the former is the largest app store on the Internet, with more than 1.5 million apps. However, statistical data might often mislead you. Translated to this context, most of these apps are downloaded rarely or never. But this is the most beautiful thing about online app markets – they’re probably the most liberal markets in the world. Simply put, if the features of your app draws attention of mobile users, you’ll reach success. Apart from that, you can try your luck a hundred times and fail. And then, that 101st attempt could result in a successful app. This is why it’s essential to weave a personal story around your apps, so that they become a real brand. As you can see on Android markets, most of the publishers are companies. Still, don’t let that affect your determination to launch an app. A practical and well-organized app will find its way to thousands of smartphones, no matter if a company or an individual stands behind it.


App optimization for better visibility

Since the global Android market is only one part of the supreme global network – the Internet –it shares some common features with its big brother. The most important of these features is definitely app optimization for better visibility. Just like websites and blogs, which depend on keywords and other SEO elements, your app will be influenced by various search components. Here’s where white label app builder software can also come in pretty handy. Since this option enables you to gather all your apps under the same (personal) brand name, you can also develop a single optimization strategy for promotion of all the apps you’ve made.One of the most important aspects of app optimization are definitely the descriptions you’re going to add to your apps. They simply have to contain the most important keywords of your app brand. Additionally, you also have to aim at the most frequently used search queries in the niche which your app is made for. Here’s where the Developer Console on Google Play offers some great tips, so check them out and improve your knowledge of app optimization.


Ready-made tool vs. app from scratch

Truth be told, app-building tools often limit the number of options you can count on when making an app. What you get here are ready-made templates in which you have to incorporate your original ideas. As a result, you can’t be as creative as you might want to be.

Contrary to that, when you’re building an app from scratch, there are no boundaries for your creativity. Knowledgeable software developers can put almost every single idea to practice. However, the main drawbacks of this approach are expenses and the duration of the project. Such ambitious business goals demand a high budget, from few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. What’s more, it’s a long lasting process. The bottom-line is that a ready-made tool, like QuickAppNinja, can provide enough functions and options for an app-building hobbyist. If you just want to make an app and see how things work, you can do that for free and see how things will work out.


The smartest way to start this hobby or a career is to go with ready-made templates. As you master the basics of the app market(s)and user experience of apps, you can advance your work and reach a white label agreement with a reliable provider. This step will give an additional boost to the business aspect of your effort. Finally, app developers who think they’ve outgrown such solutions will look for more advanced options. Luckily, you can choose from a variety of options regarding app building and find the right one at every phase of your development, no matter if you become a professional app designer or remain an enthusiastic hobbyist.

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