Why is the QuickAppNinja the best app maker in 2017?

16 Dec
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You probably tried out various ways to make money online – from affiliate program to selling T-shirts. However, all attempts require knowledge, time, money and effort, but none of the listed guarantees a success!
On the other hand, in order for any site to be ranked well on the search results page, one must manage certain SEO skills, build links, pay content writers, and the last, but not the least important, to work daily on the site and invest in it.
According to the latest data, the global mobile app market in 2016. reached the amount of $88 billion dollars, while back in 2015. its value was considerably lower – $ 70 billion dollars. Experts estimate that this market will have reached the mind-blowing $ 190 billion dollars by the year 2020. An even more impressive piece of information is that the greatest share in earning from mobile apps, make games (over 85 %).
Taking all these data and global trends into consideration, we present a bit different way to make money online – we introduce QuickAppNinja 100% Free Android App Builder, probably the best app builder for the upcoming 2017.

With QuickAppNinja app builder you can easily make your own first android application without any programming or coding knowledge.
Your first step starts here!

Easy game building

The moment you get introduced to this android game builder, you’ll recognize the clear steps that will lead you intuitively to your first app.
Making an app with QuickAppNinja game builder can be explained the easiest way in only 5 steps:
IDEA: You have an excellent idea for an android quiz game.
GAME BUILDING: By using a magical drag-n-drop wizard you’ll be able to create your first game without having any special skills nor coding knowledge.
Google Play: Publish your game on Google Play or any other Android Market.
MONETIZATION: This part, of course, arouses the greatest interest. Monetization or revenue from Android apps is achieved through in-game ads. You earn money every time your game is played and in-game ads published. The more games you build, the more money you earn!
Get paid monthly: When your game starts bringing revenue, you’ll receive monthly payments. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

We already said that making games with QuickAppNinja app builder is simple, but how does it actually work?


We’ll explain this the easiest way if we divide the game building into 6 separate elements:
The type of game: This is the first step in the game building; Choose the type of game you want to create.

select type game

select type game


  • Colors: You can choose almost an indefinite number of combinations while you’re creating your game, and you are allowed to change and experiment as much as you want until you reach the perfect design.

You can change the color of all elements of the game: backgrounds, text, buttons, etc.


colors game app

colors game app  


Sounds: Similar to options related to Colors, QuickAppNinja offers you a wide specter of sounds for your game in order to make it more interesting and exciting to a player. If you don’t find the sound that you are looking for, there is a great option that allows you to use your own sounds that can be easily uploaded with just a click on the upload sound button.

sounds game app


  • Content: This is the most important part related to your game. Having in mind that the entire concept of the game building is based on drag-n-drop principle, you should try to select the most interesting picture as possible. For example, if you selected Guess The Hidden Picture as the Type of Game, you should choose one picture that will be hidden as well as the answer that a player must give. The goal of the game is to guess what’s in the picture by uncovering as few tiles as possible. The fewer uncovered tiles at the end of the game, the more coins you earn! In this part, you’ll also be able to find some advice related to the content and useful instructions how to make your game even more superior and attractive.

Click here to discover how to build Guess the Celebrity quiz-game for only 5 minutes!

content for game apps

content for game apps


  • Upload the game: Now that you have created the game, you need to upload it to one of the Android markets Google Play, Amazone Appstore etc, so that the users of Android devices could download and play it. The uploading process is very simple, and there is also a detailed step-by-step guide that you’ll find very useful.


Upload game to google play market

Upload game to market


A few reasons why you should start with mobile game app building


  1. Money – You can earn lots of money. This one is simply one of the most convincing reasons, that’s why it takes the first place.
  2. 100% Free Android Game Builder – QuickAppNinja is a completely free Android games building software.
  3. GLOBE – Your market is boundless, your game can reach over billion and a half potential Android users.
  4. MOBILE GAMES notify an increase in comparison to console games – Professionals estimate that this trend will continue in 2017.
  5. GAMES vs. MOVIES – Regarding profit, gaming industry has overtaken the film industry.
  6. An average smartphone user spends more time on his smart device than on PC or watching TV.
  7. More than 90% of the world population owns a mobile phone.
  8. More than 70% of gamers play games at least one hour weekly.
  9. IT’S FUN! – The game building can be fun, and it will allow you to show your creativity and imagination.
  10. UNLIMITED NUMBER of games – QuickAppNinja enables you to create an unlimited number of games easy to upload to Android market of your choice.

The greatest advantage of this app builder lies exactly in its simplicity. The only thing that a user has to possess is some basic computer skills. All steps, from the registration on the site, the creation of a game to the final product and its ranking on Android market, are very easy to manage. However, if you still encounter some unexpected issues, check out some of these excellent video tutorials.

Finally, read about the experience of a user Mikhail Popovichenko and his impressions about QuickAppNinja Free App Builder.

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